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Therapy For College Students

College anxiety, stress, and depression therapist

We are told college is supposed to be the "best time of your life." However, for many students college is filled with anxiety, self-doubt, fear of missing out (FOMO), and fear for the future. Whether you are an incoming first year student or graduating at the end of the semester, college is a time of many transitions. Navigating this road can become a daunting task. The safety of home is no longer present and many feel overwhelmed with making major life decisions. 

I provide therapy for college students who are interested in learning more about themselves. I assist in developing certain skill sets thus enabling students to understand who they and who they can become.  My therapeutic approach is interactive and I freely provide feedback within sessions so students gain a deeper understanding of and connection within themselves.

Many college students are hesitant to enter therapy because of having to find a new therapist closer to school or home when on extended breaks. To meet the needs of students when at school or on break, I am able to provide TeleTherapy to those individuals who are residents of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. 

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