Common Questions

Is Therapy For Me?

People come to therapy for many different reasons. Some begin therapy because of longstanding psychological issues, depression, or anxiety. Others start therapy because they are  unhappy or frustrated with their current life situations, relationships, or family difficulties. Therapy can help provide an increased awareness of how you cope with life stressors in a supportive environment. Working with a therapist can be both challenging and extremely rewarding. 

Can Therapy Help Me?

The important part of finding the right therapist is someone who is able to listen, provide empathy, and challenge you to grow as an individual. In collaboration with you, a therapist can help you problem-solving issues, process unresolved childhood difficulties, and develop adaptive coping skills for anxiety, depression, or relationship issues. The benefits of therapy depend on your commitment to processing some of the most difficult issues that are facing you at the present moment. Sometimes when we are too close to an issue it is difficult to find alternatives. The goal of any therapy is to widen your perspective and take a fresh look at a problem in a supportive environment.

What is Therapy Like?

The course of therapy depends on what you bring to each session. As a result, therapy sessions are unique and tailored to meet your needs. Typically therapy sessions are scheduled weekly for the best continuity of care. Therapy can be both short-term, focusing on specific issues that you are facing. Therapy can also be long-term and focus on more complex issues that you have been struggling with for many years. For either form of therapy the therapist-client relationship is extremely important. The therapeutic session can become a microcosm for how you interact with others and experience life outside of therapy. Therefore, you may be asked to practice certain skills you learn in therapy in between sessions. Your ability to apply these skills outside of therapy will depend upon your ability to take responsibility and your commitment to change.

At times therapy can be challenging and rewarding. Either way it is important that you take after a session to reflect on what was discussed and make some notes for next time we meet. This will help you transition into your demands later in the day.

Is Self-Pay Right For Me?

Insurance companies only pay when healthcare services have been authorized. If you choose to use insurance I am required to provide a diagnosis found in the ​Diagnostic and Statistics Manuel - 5 (DSM-5) and provide your diagnosis to your health insurance company for reimbursement. Although the insurance companies are supposed to maintain confidentiality there are some inherent risks. For some receiving a diagnosis of a mental illness is stigmatizing and may prevent some from seeking treatment.  Others may be concerned about personal privacy or the future capacity to obtain job. 

What is The Course of Therapy?

Therapy sessions are typically weekly 45 minute sessions. After an initial phone conversation and later a meeting where we discuss the issue that brought you to therapy, I will provide you with my preliminary conceptualization. Together we will work to develop therapy goals and identify ways to achieve these goals. The length of treatment depends on a number of factors but the most important one is your commitment to utilize the skills and awareness learned in therapy in-between sessions. 

What is TeleTherapy?

TeleTherapy or video counseling is done through done through a live video connection, over the internet. Clients can get the same type of therapy they would receive in person, it's just done through a computer! This service is offered to established clients or new clients who, after an initial in-person evaluation, are deemed appropriate for this kind of psychotherapy service. The TeleTherapy service is provided by my HIPAA compliant EHR service (SimplePractice) and you are emailed a one time use link for each session. Please ask about TeleTherapy and if it's right for you! 


I am currently able to provide TeleTherapy services to clients who seek services in the following States; Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York  

Do You Accept Insurance?

I am considered an "out-of-network" provider for many other insurances and you may be able to obtain a partial reimbursement for therapy. If I am an out-of-network provider for you I will supply you with a "Super Bill" at the end of the month and you can submit the clam to your provider. The same level of risk for using your insurance is assumed when you use a "Super Bill." Prior to going this route it is important that you understand your insurance provider's mental health benefits, cost per session, the number sessions covered, and the amount your plan covers for out-of-network providers.

I have partnered with the following organization to provide assistance with filing claims.


  • Mobile app that allows you to file claims from any smartphone

  • Easy-to-use mobile interface for submitting and collecting on claims

How to start

What Are Your Fees

Fees vary depending on the service you are seeking. Please contact me for more information regarding fees. I accept the following methods of payment: cash, check, and credit/debit card.  I offer a sliding scale for self-pay therapy clients who have a financial hardship. 

What Is Your Cancellation Policy For Therapy?

Clients are offered a regularly scheduled weekly time slot. Having a specific time to meet is important for therapy because it is a time that is exclusively yours. It is often difficult to fill that time with another client if there is not sufficient notice. If you miss your appointment or cancel late you will be charged the full fee. This also includes clients who miss or cancel their intake appointment. You must contact me 24 HOURS before your scheduled appointment otherwise you are responsible for the FULL COST of the therapy session.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy For Evaluations?

Clients are provided a 6-8 hour time slot for psychological evaluations. I understand there are times you may need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. I kindly ask for at least 48 hours cancellation notice via phone. If you do not contact me, you will be billed for your missed appointment. Please be aware that if you miss an appointment or cancel less than 48 hours notice, you will be billed a flat fee of 300 dollars. 

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