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Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology is an important resource for athletes of all abilities. Typically athletes enter therapy to address such issues as performance anxiety, self-esteem, decrease in athletic performance, substance use, and balancing life on and off the field. 

Together, we tailor an approach to therapy that meets you needs. Areas that may be addressed are anxiety reduction, getting "psyched up" for competition, increasing motivation, developing mental toughness, and return-to-play following an injury.  Similar to individual therapy, sessions typically occur weekly and there may be opportunities to explore how the issues in sports impact your daily living. 

For those athletes who are still in a school, an exploration of the student athlete-life and how to balance these demands may impact your performance on the field.  

In addition to my clinical training, I have coached elite high school rowers for eight years, college level rowers, and assisted in the development of junior national team and national team rowers. I have played a variety of sports including golf, skiing, hockey, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, but most notably rowing.

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