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Couples Therapy

therapist helping couples overcome challenges

There is a view out there that you must "know yourself first" before seeking a life partner. This view is somewhat unrealistic and may prevent someone from entering a lasting relationship because we are always evolving and developing. Humans are naturally social beings and if you look around you'll notice the pursuit of love is something that we still hold dear.

We all enter into relationships with some sort of "baggage." Although we are imperfect beings, we are capable of learning what we bring to a relationship. When we have a supportive relationship, we are able to develop as a person and as a couple. However, sometimes people don't  "mesh" well and the past scars or wounds can interfere with becoming a loving, compassionate, supportive partnership. 

Couples therapy assists in reflecting on how your relationship supports one another and/or how each partner maybe hurting each other. Therapy assists in changing these destructive patterns while creating a nurturing environment. This form of therapy works when both partners are committed to changing their interactions to one that promotes loving kindness. 

I believe in the power of romance and enjoy helping clients improve their interactions as they become more loving, compassionate, and supportive. Unfortunately couples therapy is not always successful as one or both partners may decide that the relationship will not work. This is often an unfortunate time and tears are shed. At other times there are tears of joy when one or both members can see their relationship more clearly. 

Throughout therapy I try to be as active as possible  and encourage  both partners to talk to each other rather than at each other. I observe closely and provide feedback when communication becomes stuck or derailed. My goal is for couples to develop positive ways of communicating rather than recreating an arguments. 

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