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Group Therapy

Group therapy is an unique experience that has the opportunity to foster individual growth with the help of other group members. For many this is a less intimidating form of therapy because the focus is not solely on one person and it may be a more cost effective way of receiving therapeutic services. 

A consultation is required prior to group membership to ensure your needs may be adequately addressed by the group. Please contact me if you are interested in attending a group. 

There are two groups currently offered on Thursday evenings. Below, you will find a description of each group. Please Contact Me to learn more 

Parenting a Child with ADHD

Helping parents develop and maintain positive relationships with their child who is diagnosed with ADHD. This group is supportive, educational, and solution focused; helping you create the tools needed to effectively interact with your child. 

Groups currently meet on Thursday evenings. Please call for more information. 

Stress Management for Medical Professionals 

Many careers have some level of stress but medical professionals experiencing a high likelihood of "burnout" due to:

1) Long hours, working weekends, or holidays.

2) Understaffed facilities.

3) Making life-altering decisions.

4) Financial burden due to reimbursements.


This is a process orientated group that focuses on providing an environment to receive support, coping skills, and greater emotional understanding of yourself.

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