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Performance Psychology

Do you feel like you work twice as hard but not achieving your goals? Do you underperform due to a fear of failure?  Feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated? 

Whether your an athlete, performer on stage, or leader in your industry you may experience the above signs and symptoms of underperformance. These are natural experiences, together we focus on your strengths to build and broaden your skills to achieve higher levels of performance while under stress.

 My extensive experience as both an athlete and elite coach keeps me attuned to the needs of high performing people in stressful sports and industries. In particular the need to develop healthy ways to release stress in growth promoting ways and managing the "imposter syndrome" feeling. Therapy may help when feeling stuck and underperforming. Together we work  to increase your psychological resiliency in your everyday stressful environment.

I have had the privilege of working with athletes of all abilities who viewed performance psychology as part of their training routine. In addition to athletes, I have worked with early medical professionals who are struggling to find their voice within the profession. 

Sports Psychology


Overcoming adversity and return-to-play following injuries are major factors facing athletes throughout their career. Often the psychological trauma of sports injuries, such as "fear of failure" or "fear of re-injury" are present long after the physical injury has healed. Through our work we will design a return-to-play program that will address the psychological obstacles preventing the athlete to perform at his or her highest level of competition.



We spend the majority of our time at work and much of our adult identity is tied to answer the question "what do you do?" But the answer to this question can be hard if you feel work is unfulfilling, directionless, or perhaps you feel like an "imposter."  Whether looking for a new career or how to improve your performance, we will work together so you  may actualize your potential. 


Career Performance

Sports Workshops & Consultation 

Sports workshops are an excellent to reach many people in your team at once. Whether you want to improve team dynamics, increase your coaching effectiveness, develop better communication skills, or address a particular issue (i.,e, bullying, harassment, or abuse). We will work together to tailor a program that is meaningful for your organization.

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