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BURNOUT & Getting Your Needs Met

We typically view BURNOUT as something bad, but it's actually alerting us that we are running on emotional fumes. This typically happens we are not getting our needs met. Anyone who is in a service orientated profession (lawyer, doctor, therapist, etc.) will, at some point, realize they are focusing on the needs of others at the cost of their own overall wellbeing. Perhaps this is why lawyers who are age 30 years or younger have a higher incident of alcohol misuse than their older peers. As a young professional in the field, you are trying to make a good impression so you will work up the ranks, however, Self-Sacrifice leaves little room for your own needs to be met. Your hard work and determination got you to where you are today, I have no doubt that you will continue your forward progress. Awareness of your inner emotional cues will give you longevity in your profession. When the telephone rings you know to answer it, right? When BURNOUT rings how will you answer the call?

1. Take a moment today to write out your needs at work, home, and socially. I’d like for you think of a small attainable solution to the need. Small changes will create the space for the desired outcome. Commit to moving towards one small change that meets one of your needs.

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