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Coaching Leadership for Coaches

  • Struggling to motivate talented yet difficult players?

  • Want to improve your leadership style?

  • In a slump and want to bounce back?

  • Want new ways to empower your team captains

  • Improve your team's culture?

  • Looking to increase your creativity and fulfillment as a coach?

I offer a unique perspective for improving your coaching performance, having been a high performing athlete, elite coach, and psychologist. We focus on enhancing your coaching strengths so that you may reduce your blind spots. 

Coaching Options for Coaches

Consulting is convenient and takes place over the phone or Skype. Each session is customized for your specific goals and team needs.

Quick Coaching (15 Minutes)

Perfect for a quick question or advice on a specific situation. Quick Coaching takes place over the phone, Skype, or email. 


Quick Coaching Session = 80 dollars 

Email me to set-up an initial consult. 

In-Depth Coaching Session (30-50 Minutes)

Do you have a question that needs more time? An in-depth coaching session is a great option for coaches who want to work through a complex situation. Feel free to email me a brief description of your question so that you may get the most out of your time. We will set-up a time that is convient for you to talk on the phone or Skype.


30 min coaching session = 160 dollars;  50 min coaching session = 250 dollars 

Email me to set up a time to talk

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