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TeleTherapy is providing therapy through a live video connection, over the internet. You receive the same psychotherapy treatment provided in person only it is done remotely. I typically offer this service after we have established a therapeutic relationship and discussed the possible pros and cons of adding Teletherapy as a way of you maintaining your sessions, even with your busy schedule.

Teletherapy is also beneficial for those with demanding working schedules, who travel frequently out-of-state, and boarding school or college students. Many states allow for brief therapy to occur (typically a few days), unless you are traveling or reside in one of the states where I am licensed you are a resident of one of the states where I am licensed. Please let me know of any out-of-state travel in advance so I may consult with the various licensing boards to ensure we can meet. 

An advantage for college students is I am licensed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. This allows entering college students to continuing their treatment  when at school. Due the various licensing laws and restrictions for psychologists practicing across state lines, many students must find a new therapist around their school or, potentially, forgot treatment while on extended breaks. 

The Teletherapy service I use is integrated with my Electronic Health Record, which means it is  secure and HIPAA compliant. You receive a unique link embedded in your reminder email that will open a secure video connection. There is no extra software or special programs for you to download. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a video camera attached to your computer.  

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