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Therapeutic Services

I specialize in working with people across the lifespan. My primary focus is working with children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety (school and/or sport related), and relationship & phase of life issues. My attitude is one of respect and acceptance of each client's world-view allowing for the creation of a safe, therapeutic environment.

Child/Adolescent Therapy

Child and Adolescent therapy may focus on behavioral or emotional regulation. As a child and through adolescents your emotional awareness is developing. Sometimes children have difficulty expressing themselves and through therapy we work together to "name the emotion to reclaim the emotion." No matter what the difficulty  facing your child it is necessary to develop the vocabulary so he or she can express oneself appropriately without becoming overwhelmed. As a result, you as parents become an integral part of therapy.  Depending on how your child feels you may be included in therapy sessions or asked to assist your child in between sessions. 

College Student Therapy 
College Student Therapy 

College can be both exciting and challenging. It's filled with more freedom and responsibility which can become a detriment for many students who feel overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed. Recent literature indicates the success for the first semester of student's college career is dependent on his or her ability to be make new social connections and feel valuable to to school community. It's normal for college students to have bumps along the way but when they become restrictive it's time to get help. 

Adult Therapy 

Your're an adult and your're supposed to have it all figured out, right? Or maybe you feel a sense of loneliness because it's harder to maintain friendships and romantic relationships. You may also be ready to take hold of future and no longer allow your past to dictate the future. Whatever is the reason for therapy, I can help you navigate the ups and downs of life. It's my belief that all emotions are valid and important to experience because they alert you to your inner well-being. My approach is interpersonal where we use the therapeutic environment as a microcosm for your worldview. We may explore patterns of behavior, thoughts, or emotions that lead to similar outcome. Often these outcomes lead to frustration, depression, or anxiety. 

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